We’re celebrating our 2 year anniversary! Come join us

We’re excited to have our second anniversary as the first Warm Ears Music event of the year. It’s been an amazing ride so far with 10 smashing releases featuring some of the finest drum and bass names such as Radicall, Dave Owen, Euphorics, September, Re-Adjust, R1C0, Qua Rush and more, and a series of events that brought awesome people together. We can’t wait to reveal what’s next:)

Not long now, we’re going back to Bar512 on the 6th of July to dance our shoes off to the sounds of BCee, Hugh Hardie, Monrroe, Elementrix, Re-Adjust, R1C0, D.E.D and Dj PD. As always, good vibes guaranteed. We’re releasing a limited number of tickets and have a couple at the door too. See you there, headz!

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Meet drum and bass producer R1C0 and learn more about his banging new release

Clock is ticking and we’re 2 weeks away from unleashing R1C0‘s first single with us, ‘Artificial Light’ (you can pre-order it here). We thought you guys would like to know more about the mind and talent behind this beaut, so we had a quick chat with him.

Henry Skinner aka R1C0 working out of London, UK produces drum & bass, with strong elements of liquid and vocals, but a wide range of styles from deep and soulful, to dark and steppy.

Growing up in the south west of the UK, Henry has been producing music since the age of 14 and was playing the drums through the school years. Self teaching the technical sides of music production, gave way to work in a number recording studios around the south of England, working with the likes of Portishead, Paul Oakenfold and The Stranglers.

After moving to London, a brief music hiatus gave way to a renewed commitment to music production and drum and bass. In 2015, founding the Fat Badger Podcast with old schoolmate D.E.D and releasing his debut EP ‘On the Horizon’ on Subculture music. Since his debut, R1C0 has begun to establish himself on the drum & bass scene with releases on Soul Deep, Fresh Recordings, Skankandbass, and most recently two releases with Celsius Recordings.

R1C0 is heavily influenced by the early pioneers of drum & bass, such as LTJ Bukem, Goldie and Dom & Roland, producers such as Break, S.P.Y, BCEE and artists from many other genres including Burial, Massive Attack, Little Dragon, and Cinematic Orchestra.


What got you into Drum & Bass and what inspires you in the modern scene?

R1C0: Ages ago I happened to come across a documentary about Good Looking Records, and LTJ Bukem, just playing randomly on late night TV. Before that, I had no idea what Drum & Bass was, or much about electronic music in general. The music they were making blew me away. I went out the next day and bought the first CD I could find by Good Looking! From then on, I was hooked.

Today, the shear amount of great music still being made is really inspiring. People like Goldie, Alix Perez and S.P.Y continue to contribute greatly to our industry, and I’m really enjoying guys like Satl and GLXY. Hearing new and interesting stuff always inspires me to get to work on my tracks.

What is it like being a producer in 2018 compared to when you started in the 90’s?

R1C0: Completely different! Computers and the internet have changed the game. Software plugins were only just beginning to be a thing. They were very expensive and needed a supercomputer to run. Most people couldn’t afford a sampler or hardware synth, or didn’t know someone with a studio. The rest of us had our midi soundcards with about 12 different sounds, waiting for the next Computer Music CD in the hope that it had some good breaks on it! Goes without saying, made some pretty horrible sounding stuff back then.

R1C0_COVERALBUM1400pngTell us what was your favourite part about producing ‘Artificial Light’

R1C0: For me, experimenting with the early stages of instrumentation, adding the drums and the bass. When the track starts to come alive, that’s usually my favourite part. But with Artificial light, it came much later. I had most of the track laid out, and I was fairly happy with it, but it was not quite there. I was experimenting, adding new elements and found the orchestral stabs. This gave the track an interesting tone and took it in a new direction.

In Step Right, I had been working with some great atmospheric samples which I really wanted use. When I managed to get the rolling style bass working with them, the track really took off and it was great fun from there.

What should Drum & Bass heads expect from you in the future?

R1C0: I’ve been working a lot over the winter, so there should be plenty more to come over the next year. With the tracks I currently have, looking at least about 3 releases, so stay tuned!

Welcoming R1C0 to the Warm Ears fam

Up-and-coming drum and bass producer R1C0 is about to drop a brilliant pair of tracks on our label. ‘Artificial Light’ is going to be our second release of 2018 and R1C0’s first with us.

‘Artificial Light’ is a beautifully crafted track that takes you by surprise when its deep basslines start tangling the subtle vocals. ‘Step Right’ seems to already have jumped to favourites, having a very energy charged vibe to it.

We’ll be unleashing this one on March 12, keep your eyes on us!

First Warm Ears Music release in 2018 OUT NOW

We are extremely proud to present to you our first release of the year and as well the very first Warm Ears Music single. American drum and bass producer Dave Owen and Serbian Euphorics partnered up for a master blaster.

‘Inferno’ and respectively ‘Ipanema Disco’ fully comprise the Warm Ears sound, kicking off 2018 with exciting and fresh sound.  With the first one being a punchy combination of rolling basslines waves, and having a darker vibe to it, the release is perfectly balanced by the second track. Euphorics unveils a dynamic hybrid with a bashing slice of jungle influenced track and rhythmic drumming fit for any dance floor.

‘After a busy 2017 we are very excited to introduce to all lovers of good music, our very first single coming courtesy of two of the most technically skilled drum and bass producers in the industry, Dave Owen and Euphorics. The Warm Ears family is happy to have them join us’, said Gabriel Cernea, Warm Ears Music founder and DJ.

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The warmest of wishes during this festive season!

From all of us at Warm Ears Music, we hope you have the jolliest of times during this holiday season. May the closeness of friends and family, the comfort of your homes and the joy of music, renew your spirits for the year to come!

We have rounded up some of our fav tracks so far, give them a listen below.

Polish DJ and producer Radicall second release on Warm Ears Music

We are very proud to announce the release of Radicall’s brand new E.P., on October 16. Consisting of 4 tracks, ‘Lost in Time’ is Radicall’s second release with us.

‘Your Love’ kicks off the E.P. in a soulful, more emotional manner. The track builds up a otherworldly vibe with rolling basslines, subtle vocals and a chord progression that was inspired by a disco track from the ’80s. The second track points to the overarching theme of the E.P., quoting a famous ‘Blade Runner’ monologue – ‘All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain’. ‘Lost in Time’ takes things up a notch with distinct basslines and dynamic rhythms.

‘When It’s Dark Out’ encircles the listener in an mysterious atmosphere, keeping an energetic tempo. ‘Reincarnation’ is strongly driven by mellow vocals and melodic violin stiffs which blend together with dark and firm basslines.

‘We’re excited to release Radicall’s second E.P. with us. His signature sound on this one falls perfectly under what we support with Warm Ears’, said Gabriel Cernea, Founder Warm Ears Music.

‘Lost in Time’ encompasses Radicall’s creativity in drum and bass, with most of it being inspired by his real everyday life experiences.


Warm Ears Music launching in Bucharest

This month, the Warm Ears family is going to Bucharest for our label’s launch. With the great Madcap headlining this one, we have September, Re-Adjust, Elementrix and D.E.D bringing the lushest of vibes. Also joining us we have Slimy, one of Romania’s finest drum and bass DJs, rolling out on behalf of Hangout Music.

If you’re around, grab your buds and join us – it’s going to be a wicked night.

You can join our Facebook event here

Interview: Radicall about fierce new EP out this October

We’re looking forward to Radicall’s second release on Warm Ears Music, upcoming October 16th. ‘Lost in Time’ encompasses his signature style and we couldn’t love it more.

A perfect blend of melodic and lush stepping up to rolling and heavy, this EP is killing it from every angle. We had a quick chat with Radicall about this one, what he had to say? Find out below:

We really love your new EP. Tell us how would you describe ‘Lost in Time’

Radicall: Pleasure to hear this. “Lost in Time” is taken from famous “Blade Runner” monologue: “All those moments will be lost, in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.”. I’ve used a part of the monologue in one of the tracks.

What would you say was your favorite part about producing it?

Radicall: Every tune on the EP is really special for me. “Your Love” is more emotional one with chord progression inspired by disco track from ’80, it’s really unusual way of work in drum&bass I guess. I wrote “Lost in Time” just after one really great warehouse party and I wanted to catch the vibe of the night in this one. “When it’s Dark Out” is really special too, I used to open my sets with this one to take people into more atmospheric and mysterious areas. I always wanted to make my own remix of famous choir from “Ghost in the Shell” movie, so that’s idea behind “Reincarnation”, my intention was also to make long epic breakdown just before the first drop.

How long did it take to complete?

Radicall: I usually spent one week to finish a track, so the EP took me a month. Tracks were recorded in winter, I think it can be felt in nature of sound.

What do you have going on next we can look forward to?:)

Radicall: The next thing is my first gig in London with Warm Ears crew, I remember great label launch party in Romania and I’m looking forward to see and hear guys from Warm Ears again in club 512, London 27th of October – be there!

Script joining the fam for the Summer Finale

As the warm season draws to a close, we’re once again rounding up the gang for another session of pure drum and bass vibes – our favorite, too!

Saturday, 19th of August from 5pm, we’ll be streaming live on our Official Facebook page and we have mr. Script joining us as special guest. Our guys – Elementrix, Re-Adjust, September, D.E.D and PD, will one by one take control of the decks ’till midnight. As always, we guarantee the lushest vibes and hope you can make it:)

Facebook event here



Dive into pure vibes with ‘Deeper Meanings’, Re-Adjust’s second release on Warm Ears Music

We are proud to announce the release of Re-Adjust’s brand new E.P. on July 17. The release will feature 4 tracks and it will be his second one with us.

The production blends warm sub runs and lush liquid vibes wrapped around beautiful vocal lines, fueling the listener with energy. The four-tracker’s theme re-imagines Freud’s iceberg theory, aiming to touch all three levels of the mind.

The E.P. kicks off with Trust in a melodic and heartfelt manner. This track brings a lot of character, with vocals gliding over sub-low waves and an overall classic liquid vibe. Up next, Midnight hour builds on the soulfulness. This one is a fusion of uplifting piano loops and shuffling drums.

Deeper Meanings rides off the title of the E.P. – and for a good reason. Equipped with energetic synths, upbeat basslines and a driving female vocal, Deeper Meanings is a token of Re-Adjust’s unique sound design. Last one of the pack, Connections is tailored to be a feel-good track that keeps on giving. From clean breaks, subtle female vocals to sub-bass sounds pining down the drums, this one is sure to be a dance floor smasher.

“We’re very excited for this beauty to see the light of day. It’s an amazing drum and bass masterwork that embraces the Warm Ears sound we have been defining for ourselves.” said Gabriel Cernea, Founder of Warm Ears Music.

Re-Adjust is a UK born producer and DJ. His sound alternates from soft and mellow to rolling and heavy, keeping the listener locked and moving. Knocking off his debut with the ‘Lost Moments’ E.P. on Warm Ears Music, Re-adjust is one of the most promising young producers entering the scene right now.