WEM mini-series | Drum and bass inner-views with Phil Tangent

Yes, people! The wait is almost over and we can finally celebrate this wicked past year. We grabbed a quick chat with Phil Tangent ahead of this. He’s been stunning us – and the drum and bass community, with his deeply soulful and influential music, and we couldn’t be happier he’s headlining our anniversary.

Phil has been around the bass block since 2000, with his first release seeing the light of day in 2010 on Marcus Intalex’s label Soul:R. For the past couple of years, he has been gaining momentum with many releases on renowned labels such as Samurai Music, Integral Records, Rubik Records. He opened the year in style, with “Bardarbunga” being the first Metalheadz Platinum track of 2017.

What would you say is your favorite drum and bass moment since you’ve entered the scene? 

Tough one! There have been many but one that sticks out in the mind is waking up to a voicemail from Goldie singing ‘Crossing The Rubicon’ down the phone and saying ‘gimme a shout you old bastard’.

What makes a set good in your opinion? 

If we’re talking from my perspective as a raver then it’s tune selection all the way. I like to hear a wide variety of Drum & Bass across the spectrum and that’s what I try to incorporate in my sets. I also like to hear one or two mistakes so that I know that there’s no sign of a sync button being used and that the DJ is actually human.

Is there a specific part of producing drum and bass you find most enjoyable? What about most challenging? 

I really enjoy the initial process of building a track from scratch and seeing which sounds work well with each other. I also love collaborating with other producers. You could have a project that you haven’t worked on for years, send them the parts and they might gain some inspiration from it. The part I find most challenging is actually completing tunes. I can be quite self-deprecating about my own stuff; I have to be happy with it so everything seems to take longer.

What would you like to see more of and less of in the drum and bass scene? 

I’d like to see more music talk and less politics. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but some go too far.  Jungle/Drum & Bass is a community and I’d like to see it stay that way.

Catch Phil Tangent at our 1 year anniversary on the 1st of July @ London.


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