WEM mini-series | Re-Adjust: it’s all about ensuring the best possible sound for the crowd

UK born producer and DJ, Re-Adjust was among the first names to join the Warm Ears family. He fell in love with the art of DJing after a friend showed him the basics. From there on, Justin perfected his skills, leading to production. His first release – “Hotspot” on Cosmic Funk Recordings, came shortly after.

Following drum and bass DJs and producers such as Random Movement (rated as ‘number 1 in his eyes’), Calibre, Makoto, Tokyo Prose, Hugh Hardie, Zero T, Lenzman, Malaky, LSB, Redeyes, Marky, Total Science or Nu:Tone, Re-Adjust has defined a sound of his own, blending just the right amount of smooth with just the right amount of heavy.

His first release on Warm Ears Music – ‘Lost Moments’ features 4 tracks packed with good vibes, carefully selected from a collection we have yet to discover. Right now, we’re all really excited for his new EP, ‘Deeper Meanings’ which will be released on the 17th of July, on Warm Ears Music.  Have a sneak peak at it:

What do you usually start with when preparing for a set?

I like to create playlists for each set I do to ensure the best possible sound experience for crowd. Starting with a slower softer style and gradually working along track by track to a more rolling pace and always including a peak track that always goes off!

Why Warm Ears Music?

They are a great bunch of dnb enthusiasts with a passion for the same music and style that I love. Not to mention the opportunities they have given me along the way. I hope to be part for many years to come!

What were your main compositional- and production-challenges in the beginning and how have they changed over time?

The challenges never stop. It’s a journey where I keep learning with every new track I start, and every new track I finish. Each time I find the next track slightly improving from the last. Whether this be through enhancing my ears over time or learning new techniques, I feel I have come a long way from the early days when I first started. I hope to progress as time moves along and my experience grows, while pleasing more listeners as I continue the journey.


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