WEM mini-series | Talking drum and bass with Elementrix

Elementrix otherwise known as Gabriel Cernea has dedicated more than a decade to his musical career. He entered the Drum and Bass landscape at a very hectic time – the Romanian scene had just opened its appetite for the genre. After a string of appearances at a national level, Elementrix started DJing in several European countries, including Spain (“All Junglists Festival” – Barcelona), Czech Republic (“Double Trouble”- Prague), England or Serbia, and has been sharing the line-up with pivotal artists from the industry, such as DJ Marky, Technimatic, B-Complex, Logistics, Nu:Tone, Submorphics,Bcee, GLXY, Bryan Gee, DLR, Chris.Su, Zero T, Calculon, Trei or Dave Owen.

Moving to London more than 2 years ago, Elementrix was quick to establish himself within the UK dnb scene and not long after that, he started his own record label. The launch of Warm Ears has been turning heads, getting a jump-start with several releases and events. In 2016, Elementrix’s guest-mixes started rolling on the waves of several radios, including Rude FM and Bassport FM.

Currently, he is teaching DJ classes at a London-based studio, he hosts his Sunday show on Bassdrive.com and he’s working towards developing the skills to take his sound further.

How do you usually get ready for a set?

I don’t think I have a specific ritual really. I usually start with looking up new music and also getting some dubplates together and that’s mainly it to be honest. Otherwise I don’t really prepare more than that.

What were your main motivations when you started Warm Ears Music?

I always wanted to promote the sound I loved so much, and after doing it for so many years as a DJ and event planner, I decided to start a label. I thought it would be the perfect way to tick all of my boxes – supporting the drum and bass scene by creating events for people who appreciate and, most importantly, feel the music and trying to bring forward as many producers and DJs who share this idea.

How would you describe the situation for your label right now?

Warm Ears Music is quite young – we’re just in July celebrating our 1 year anniversary. And, in spite of that, we’ve had some really good feedback from people who listened to our releases or joined us at one of our events. At the same time, our guest DJs always enjoyed their sets, one of them told us he thought our vibe resembled Sun and Bass a lot. So, you could imagine how excited we are about everything that’s going on.

Recently, I’ve joined forces with Darren Dedman aka D.E.D and Peter Matthews aka PD. The family is getting quite big now, and it’s just great to see that.

Overall, I would say that we are on the right track, so we’ll grow in time as more people will find out what we do and how we do it.

What would you like to see more of and less of in the dnb scene?

I would like to see more people collaborating and working together on different projects and also more unity and less hate.



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