Warm Ears Music broadcasting live via Facebook for 6 hours

Following a very firey, full-on vibes party on the 8th of April at Bar512, the Warm Ears family will be taking over the London Sound Academy studio for half a day, on the 22nd of April.

Elementrix, September, Sweetpea, Re-adjust, D.E.D and PD will be taking turns on the decks, and J:S will be handling the vocals throughout the stream.

“We wanted to do something for the people who would really like to come down to our events, but because of various reasons – mostly geographical ones, they just can’t. We’ve been getting a lot of request, and this live stream is a quick fix until we’re going to take our parties more internationally”, said Gabriel Cernea, Founder of Warm Ears Music and DJ. “This is an awesome way to connect people around the world with our sound, and of course, through a small rave for half of Saturday!”, he added.

The live broadcast will be available to everyone, on our official Warm Ears Music page, between 5pm – 11pm (GMT).

Central to our live stream will be bringing the Warm Ears Music sound closer to everyone, regardless of their location. Our DJs and residents will blend tracks released in the past with some of their most recent productions, upcoming on our label.

Feel the energy, enjoy the atmosphere and vibe with us!


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